Keith Riddington - Owner

Welcome to Classicmobilia

We are home to the highest level of expertise in classic vehicles in Milton Keynes, with unrivalled knowledge and dedication to the classic car market. Having been based in Milton Keynes for more than ten years, in time we have amassed one of the biggest collections of rare and vintage cars in the country. With our clients coming from across the UK and beyond to view our impressive selection of classic vehicles. The famous legends that we have in stock include the Mercedes Benz 170V, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Aston Martin, DB4 series 2 and it doesn’t stop there – our full stock-list can be found on our showroom page. To admire the vehicles in person be sure to make an appointment and visit our showroom.

When helping you with financing, preparation and warranties, Keith Riddington, classic motor specialist offers his enthusiasm and expertise, whether it be advising on a potential purchase or working to protect your investment. Keith exceeds all expectations and establishes the highest standard of service with a trusting, friendly relationship with his clients.

Our goal is not just to sell you a car, but rather to help you understand the reality of owning and driving a classic. That is why our service also includes extensive post-sale guidance and help so we can make sure that your desired car lives up to your high expectations.

Exceeding all expectations and establishing the highest standard of service with a trusting, friendly relationship with our clients.

We buy classics and, to help achieve the best price in market, help owners sell them through our extensive network of specialists. We also go the extra mile and try to source models if you are looking for a classic that we do not have in stock. Customer experience is our primary concern and our friendly, honest and down-to-earth approach has turned many customers into regular contacts.

You can always count on our supportive team to help you make your dream of owning a classic a reality. We pride ourselves on our exigent level of service and hard-earned reputation – we are always eager to meet people as enamoured with the classics as we are. Contact us today to arrange a test drive, or to find out more about the service we have in place for turning your dream into reality.