Classic Car Restorations

Finding a classic car that is restored back to its original quality when it was built, is a difficult process. Some vehicle restoration companies have been known to cut corners to save money and leave their customers with a product that is less then excellent in the process. With so many modern day methods to use today, a good restoration can look totally out of place and can not be compared to an original vehicle. But modern techniques used correctly can and will make the restoration of any vehicle last in all conditions and make the vehicle feel so much more usable.

Everybody loves a great looking classic car with perfect paint, chrome, reliable mechanics, and those period-style-but-comfortable interiors made with all the correct materials, and getting back to its original classic condition is possible through a good restoration and enough funds, time and patience.

This all can be tenuous without proper planning, purchasing, budgeting, financing, sourcing of suppliers and partners and importantly the correct information.

The trick is addressing these areas properly and overall project management. So what does that necessitate?

Certainly, most of the tedious work is about writing plans, developing detailed spread sheets, Gant charts (milestone driven timelines), performance development schemes, these methods are still used today.

We have an extensive network of vehicle specialists that we have worked with over the years to ensure that we have access to the most specific and qualified expertise on individual marques & models. As a team, we have managed award-winning restorations and ensured that our customers have the confidence in us to prepare their treasured vehicles through restoration or concours events. It’s that confidence we feel best represents our skill and attention to detail.

"I don't have to own these beautiful cars, but they are with me for thousands of hours."

Egon Zweimüller