​Classicmobilia E’News Issue 109 January 2020

 Dear Classic Car Enthusiast 

Welcome to 2020 and what a start to the year! Back-to-back sell-out events, with some mouthwatering motorcars being brought out into the cold to be driven and displayed, as they should be… Long may it last! 


The market is looking very good at the moment; perhaps it’s the enthusiasm emanating from a fresh start and personal resolutions (“I shall find myself the car of my dreams, this year”). Whatever the case, we do have some great dealer reports on sales and enquiries, so let’s look forward to how this all unfolds. 

Following on from the uncertain classic car buyer moody landscape last year, comfort zones may be challenged as we see a more confident buyer profile. We witnessed a slight hiccup in the Middle East, very poor performance was noted where it should have been a total sell-out, but this was just before the New Year, so let’s leave it behind us. 

Whilst it helps not to get too complacent, and efforts are made to keep classic wheels on the black stuff, buying with the heart is not the way. We have seen a number of highlighted (and worrying) lawsuits taking place over the last couple of years and gone has the term “buyer beware”: the innocent purchaser is starting to gather rights and priority of treatment. 

We see this more and more with vehicles coming to auction with very little or no history. If this lack of proper background does not reflect on the car, then what else would? This is the main reason why some cars do not sell at auction, whatever the armchair critics say. 


The auction world starts in the US this week. With the car display turnout as it is expected, all eyes will be on the results. Of course, this side of the pond, the European market really kicks off in February in Paris, so interesting times ahead.

A number of on-line auctions are being launched, and this – frankly – is scary. Whatever next? Perhaps a “trash to treasure” series while we all hunt for the next headline breaker? 

The real hard work takes place in the workshop, where attention to detail is paramount, the screws are the right way up and the nuts have the proper locking washes fitted. The painstaking time getting everything 100% correct is all that matters.

Our research and ‘homework’ are also never-ending, and some of that is conducted during long-haul flights. 

As you read this, that’s where I will be, putting pen to paper. 

Happy motoring 




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