Classic Car Investments

Here at Classicmobilia we help our clients source and purchase vehicles for investment purposes. Classic cars offer great investment benefits, but often require a trained eye to ensure that what you're buying is authentic and original.

If you're already a classic car investor we can help build your portfolio with our services of sourcing negotiating, transporting, as well as offering restoration services & storage solutions.

Being involved with Classic Cars from an early age, I was drawn to cars long before I was old enough to drive one myself. As a boy, I was taken to many race events at Brands Hatch and Lydden Hill. As I read through auto magazines and could proudly identify any make and model simply by listening to the rev of its engine.

I bought my first car at 15 — a white 1965 Mini. It must have had six engine changes over the two years before I could legally drive. But I didn’t care. Nothing was more fun than rounding a tight corner or accelerating on an open road. I still happily own that car to this day.

In the past few years, interest in classic cars has grown enormously. This enthusiasm has been powered by a rise in the number of aficionados and a perception among some that historic cars are a viable asset.

The popularity is evident from the skyrocketing prices of some of our favourite cars are fetching at auctions. Over the past decade, appreciation in the value of classic cars has handily surpassed.

As a Classic Car enthusiast, I’m glad to see people take up this hobby. Car collecting is rewarding in many ways, starting with the fact that the correct vehicle can last a lifetime. But the current craze gives me a different view on the market. here ...

Frankly, I worry that we are nearing the top of the market and that newcomers who view cars solely as investments could be disappointed.

I want to stress that I’m not a Classic Car analyst and I don’t follow every car intensely, just vehicles of interest and aspiration. But for those who may be interested in cars as either a hobby or a potential investment, I want to share a few thoughts.

First, never view cars as a central factor of your investment portfolio. Any money you assign for Classic Cars should come only from surplus funds after the base and core elements of your portfolio have been set. That’s especially true now given the huge jump in the market. This doesn’t mean a general price decline is imminent. But like the yellow flags at a racetrack that exhort drivers to slow down, many signs today suggest that collectors should proceed cautiously.

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