Sell Your Car

At Classicmobilia in Milton Keynes, we require a constant stock of a wide range of classic car models and so we are always on the lookout for similar cars to be added to our inventory.

If you are looking to sell your car, an expert would be keen to offer you an accurate valuation of your vehicle. We have vast experience with all aspects of the specialist classic car market, and we would be delighted to make selling your car a pleasant experience.

Classicmobilia specialises in the collector and enthusiast markets, so our cars are very often low mileage, limited production vehicles, as well as those with an important place in the history of the automotive industry. Our cars are also sourced from multiple locations and clients to ensure that we have the finest selection of modern classic and historic vehicles for our clients.

We value each car on an individual basis by looking at its condition, specifications and history, rather than the book value alone – so if it is the right car for us then we would be happy to pay more than its estimated market value. We have been purchasing classic cars for many years and, when available, will travel to you in order to make the transaction as smooth and personal as possible.

If you want to enquire about selling your car with Classicmobilia, then please contact us and we will discuss further.