Jaguar C Type recreation 

Jaguar C Type recreation

This beautiful C Type Jaguar is a rare beast indeed and is probably the closest you can buy short of an original C-Type with its stratospheric prices.

According to the previous owner who commissioned the assembly of the car, he purchased a chassis and an original 3.4 Litre engine block from the Beaulieu Autojumble in 1999.

To match the chassis with the engine, the car has then been given the chassis number XKC044 and as such has been identified in the German registration documents as well as in the 2005 FIA papers.

A new aluminium body was commissioned and the work carried out by Shape Craft engineering Northampton, on an original C-Type jig.

The rebuild and restoration was carried out by German specialists Classic Garage of Diessen, Bavaria from 2000 to 2005 and the car was subsequently road registered with Historic papers in Germany and received a FIA Pass in 2005/2006.

Testament to the workmanship of its builders, XKC044 has never missed a beat despite numerous outings on such exclusive events as the Donau Classic 2006, the Alpen Classic 2007, the Edelweiss Classic 2009, Nuvolari 2010 and has already been accepted for the Ennstal Classic.

Neither accidents nor any technical issues have been reported.

Not to be confused with lesser offerings.

Herr Schmitt, who built the car in Germany, told us that he had constructed most part of the chassis, and the owner had brought only a piece of chassis and papers that allowed the car to be registered as XKC 044.

The original XKC 044 was sold to Sweden and run in Sweden and Finland for many years before going to England and later to USA where an Australian now owns it.

At the Jaguar Workshop in Oslo the engine in C 3443 has been identified as E 1049, and that engine came originally with XKC 050.

According to the history of XKC 050 it was removed from the car in 1997.