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Classicmobilia E’News Issue 148 May 2023

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast

The Market and the Media

“As the challenging economic situation looks likely to continue into next year, the effect it may have on the Classic Car Market for 2023 is still an unknown.”

Those were the chilling words from a paid expert in the classic car world; the way the motoring press reports on the current market and what is happening as it unfolds is frightening, not “unknown”. Auction content, results and trends as they are covered by the specialist media make the market look like a scary environment, not an “unknown” quantity.

Shoddy-looking cars are being happily entered into auction nowadays and you’ve got to ask yourself… why? Is it to fill the halls? To show how good the auction houses are at shifting metal?

On the bright side, a large number of knowledgeable and respected dealers are selling good classic cars, not for the media-reported alleged auction figures but for the current market appraisal, for the correct car.

Event scene in the classic car world

Although we have seen some well-attended events recently (and there are a lot in the industry diary, with a number of them even clashing), we still do not feel the same buzz we experienced pre-2020, Essen being a prime example. We are missing the days when we witnessed so many cars being sold on the first few days: this year, the event lacked its well-known sparkle, which is a shame. Let's hope it will get it back.

Private classic car collections

We haven’t just been busy attending events: we have been called to see several collections to assess them, with a view to discuss and advise on the owner’s long-term plans. When a car stops giving you a sense of joy and the thrill of excitement dies down, it is time to sell and acquire something else which will bring it all back.

The eye-opener, for someone in our lucky position to be privy to important information about special collections, is the sheer amount of them, still under cover, hidden way and not seen for many years. In some cases, it’s a shame as some classic motorcars have clearly received no loving care: deterioration sets in, the car’s unique charm is affected, and major re-commission is required.

This is when the expert comes in: those who set the true value of a car that has been tucked away for many years. We shall see a good example of this with a large collection recently uncovered.

Yet, these cars should not affect the current market value, or… will they?

If you would like to discuss selling your classic, looking to buy that special addition to the ‘family’, or planning your next restoration project, we are here to assist with un-biased advice, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Look forward to meeting up at the coming events.

Happy motoring.



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