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Classicmobilia E News Issue 130 October 2021

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

Yet another storming month for the industry we all love, and it’s not all over yet. As time goes by, and we venture towards a quieter time of the year, perhaps we’d be forgiven for thinking that the foot should be on the brake for us too, but someone should inform the classic car world of that.

It has been a task to attend every event this month, from the glamour of Villa d’Este to the speed of Spa six hours, the Zoute Grand Prix , concourses, and the (always exciting) Bonham’s auction, if you can stay sober.

That list barely scrapes the surface in the UK and Europe, without including what has been going on over the pond.

It’s a relief to see the classic car world getting back to some normality, with exciting events being attended by like-minded people proud to show off their marvellous machines and take the time to tell a story or two about the metal they are so fond of.

Dealer talk is about new acquisitions, finding new stock, unique projects on the way; it is a great time to be in and around the classic car world one again.

With a buoyant market, massive discounts are not on the cards. However, all eyes are still on the auction houses, who report record throughput and produce ever larger catalogues filled with a wide range of different temptations.

We have witnessed many a British-built car being offered to the market through auctions with no reserve; not just a couple of vehicles, but a substantial, worrying number of them, with NO documents, duty to pay, and no history whatsoever. Having said that, the bonanza has not killed the market YET.

The release of the new James Bond movie “No Time To Die” seems to have kept the market afloat in its own right, so it’s a win-win situation all around, for the sellers, the auction houses and the new owners… if they get their cars registered, with the DVLA in such a shambles.

We shall refrain from discussing the DVLA and its woes, as surely the rest of the world’s vehicle licensing agencies must be quite similar. Moreover, we know that only last week the DVLA has met with a number of classic and historic vehicle associations to discuss ways to improve matters in terms of registration and processes. At least we are making some effort.

The new E10 fuel is another thorn in the side of the classic car industry, and we are not talking about a supply problem, but a formula which threatens the very presence and existence of classic cars on the road, but we have a back-up plan, involving the more expensive Super pump.

If you have any concerns about the new fuel and the consequences of its adoption, do visit our web page, where we offer an explanation and tackle the issue.

If you do need assistance with buying, selling or valuations, we are always here to offer a listening ear and unbiased opinion.

Happy motoring.




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