What makes a Classic Car GREAT?

Classicmobilia E'News Issue 136 May 2022

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

Following our ventures out to Europe for a number of below-par, re-starting events, it was back onto home turf to check if the British could do better – with the main variable being the weather - and this time we were not disappointed.

The Goodwood Members Meeting did go the extra miles, pulling out all the stops; as a result, it gifted us with a great atmosphere and wonderful racing: well done guys!

Moving onto another event, we did think that it was brave (in the current times) of the Salon Privé Concours to take place in London, as it was a good idea and location. Did it really work? The jury is still out on this one, although we did walk away with a trophy on the day.

London was followed by Oxfordshire, and specifically Bicester Heritage and its two-day long Scramble at the end of April. The meet always records a good turnout, and its extended version shows us where this one may be going.

We then visited Donington Classics, an event supported by the presence of some interesting cars on track and a good turnout, proving that there are exciting times ahead as the UK is making sure that its public gatherings work well, even if it cannot control the weather.

The auction houses have been a little quiet in the last month or so, with not much to report as the infantry engaging at ground level has not set the world alight.

However, the online auctions have opened the industry operators’ eyes, maybe not so much with the actual cars on offer, some in pretty poor conditions, but because of the results and the overall online-weighed presence.

We have a feeling that it may all be short-lived, given the amount of cars being auctioned continuously (which is no fun trying to keep up with). There is nothing like a good auction to see who is buying what, something you will never get to do staring at a computer screen.

What are the dealers doing? They are doing well, but it’s the same old story: ONLY the good cars with supported history are selling and it seems they attract the most interest, and quite rightly. With all the ‘non-descript’ cars pushed through the online auctions, the dealers have to make the extra effort and show only the best cars, but at least they seem to be selling and selling well.

One area we have to promote clarity about, is that populated by the online scammers, tricksters and fraudsters; it is becoming more and more common in the classic car world, even more so with the new kids on the block who seem to think it is easy to sell a car they do not have the right to.

Please be careful: it you are not sure ask a known expert or advisor. You know it makes sense.

If we are able to assist with buying, selling, restoring or just some good friendly advice, we are here to assist.

Happy motoring and keep safe.




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