Welcome to the start of a new classic car world!​

Aston Martin Virage Coupe 6.3

Welcome to the start of a new classic car world!

Classicmobilia E'News Issue 126 June 2021

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast

I feel like we have just been given a new lease of life, now that we are getting out and about, back to seeing some very special cars, spectating in a few rallies and… ‘attending’ no end of online auctions.

On the latter subject, I cannot believe the poor standards affecting many vehicles being offered by auction; that woeful level of quality impacts on the market across the whole spectrum. Of this more later.

The doors to physical events are finally opened, and the organisers do such a good job keeping the show on the road in the safest way possible; yes, fewer people are attending than one would expect or wish for, but it is great to get around and ‘talk cars’ again, nevertheless.

Unlike in the auction scene, it is a refreshing surprise to see some well-prepared cars being shown at these events, considering some may not have turned a wheel for a year now. Long may it continue.

Having just returned from the most beautiful race in the world, the 2021 Mille Miglia, it was so good to see the locals back on the streets waving flags and cheering on both cars and drivers who, I must say, were so pleased to get back behind the wheel and touring around Italy’s beautiful countryside.

Credit to the Mille Miglia organisers: they had planned everything, devising a well-oiled mechanism for a smooth event covering the 1000 miles. What a display! The cars were a delight to see in the sun-drenched town of Brescia and out of it, around the rolling hills of the Italian countryside. The smiles were back on the faces of the drivers and navigators, support teams were everywhere, and it feels close to having the old event back again.

The best thing to do, after coming back from an event like that, is to focus on next year, and start preparing the car NOW.

We have been bombarded by content from on-line auctions, with a real mix of … ‘machinery’: how else to call a bunch of vehicles with no history, documentation, background, or indeed, in some instances, even non-runners? The auction houses have turned the old fashion auction into a discount retail outlet of cars with no reserve and no return; you take your chances and gamble.

Having said that, an auction purchase is indeed, mostly, a gamble and we never tire of saying that “a car is in a auction for a reason”. Often, it is not because it is a great car and it will get the best possible price (in some cases this can be true), but because it would, otherwise, languish in a showroom, unsold.

I think you all know my thoughts on on-line auctions, so buyers beware.

I can not emphasise more, when considering buying from auction (especially online affairs), that it is imperative to do your due diligence: check the history, have the car looked over by an expert, as that will save much time and money. Make the purchase a happy one, not a regretful event, as reselling will be an issue.

Moreover, consider - when selling a car through auction – that if the car does not sell, it is only worth what its highest bid of the day was. That record (as everything is recorded and is in the public domain) may burn its potential sale value in the future, so choose wisely when using the auction route.

If you would like help or assistance, or need to bend a friendly ear, let us know. Restoration, consideration, or project-finding? We are always at hand.

Happy motoring and let’s enjoy the new classic car life and Keep Safe




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