No Reserve Auction Mayhem

Aston Martin DB5

Classicmobilia E'News Issue 131 November 2021

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

It’s been a busy November across the classic car world with great events, full-fat shows and some eye-opening auctions with mixed comments and a few surprises.

The constant questions being asked are: “what is going to be the future best buy?” as well as “will electric cars take over and the classics die?” Well, judging from the auction results from the previous couple of weeks it seems that the glitzy and glamour of the Champagne auctions have taken a big step back and not producing the results previously reported.

Yet, interestingly, the pint-sized competition with the more modern classics on their books is still ringing the bell when it comes to performance and results. When talking to the dealer network, it is quite clear that they are getting the special cars with the history backup; cars with poorer background history/supporting paperwork are making their way to auction and the big stalls are not working out as they previously have.

We have witnessed a few ‘unstable’ months with a few marques affected: whilst Porsche is still riding high (as usual), Ferrari seems a little shaky, though it is still holding up, and Aston Martin is suffering with the increased influx of cars ending up at auction on both sides of the pond. Modern classics, a few race and rally cars, and pre-war cars are still faring well.

Mentioning the latter brings me on to the 125th London to Brighton event; it was a very successful one! A combination of fewer cars than usual, clear directions, a great turnout from the supporters and mild weather managed to achieve allround smiles.

We are seeing movement of some early 1900 cars, as we always do at this time of year.

I am sure there will always be a buyer for a Brass Era car somewhere.

The turnout for the British Classic Car Show was encouraging, providing great displays as always, but we all still must be mindful and aware of the safety issues as reports from many European countries call for caution, and so we should all be, as the future of our classics (and future classics!) depend on us.

As the colder weather kicks in and the classics get put into hibernation, please make sure all the basics are taken care of. If you would like assistance with buying, selling, restoration or anything to do with classic cars, please do let us know, we will try and assist as much as we can.

Happy motoring.


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