Uncovered Dreams

Lagonda M45 Tourer 1933

Classicmobilia E’News Issue 123 March 2021

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast

What a fascinating, unpredictable world we live in… The doors shut, collectors go shopping: we have never seen such much action in the classic car scene.

Having just returned from viewing over 400 cars both in collections and in private stores, hard as it is to believe that so much may still be out there, left to wilt away in dusty conditions, we have the privilege of witnessing such reality, and uncovering it all.

On the other hand, there are other beautiful, well looked-after collections whose owners just want to change a few things around, add a fresh discovery, and – in the process – perhaps find that elusive jewel in the crown.

Being in the very extraordinary, unique and trusted position of dealing and handling serious owners’ cars, we have been shown around some spectacular cars over the last week. It is rare to receive a personal invitation to view the most secret vaults guarding amazing car collections, and we feel honoured to have been chosen for the treat.

Being part of such an exclusive community makes us fully understand how, in reality, the classic car market is thriving.

The dealer network is buzzing, despite the lack of events or shows to attend, available, valuable vehicles are still being marketed and sold, below or over the radar, and we hope that the trend may continue.

Every week there seems to be an online auction of some kind, and perhaps auction houses would prefer to continue behind closed doors. Such (currently) necessary digital events attract good results, and it is interesting to note the efforts made to turn the experience into a more enjoyable one for the buyer. Quite a number of cars are crossing the block with no reserve: this seems to be working in some cases but is still very risky in other areas.

The Brexit situation is making quite a few people nervous; the mention of deals between UK and Europe seems to be slowing down, and this has caused a number of issues, yet it all seems to be resolving itself slowly, as we proceed through the year. Yes, there will be more changes, but once it all becomes clearer and easier to process, business may yet again prosper. Time will tell.

If we can assist with finding that lost dream or parting with a classic car that may make someone else happy, we are here for you. Of course, we can also talk about restoration issues, storage, what to look for in a car’s history, and you will always find us willing to have an informal chat about anything else.

Happy Motoring and Keep Safe




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