​“Times are Changing in the Classic Car World”​

Classicmobilia E’News Issue 113 May 2020

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

We do hope that this issue finds everyone well; we’ll hazard the guess that you are keeping spirits up by looking through a few cars on the internet, keeping impatience at bay whilst waiting for the covers to come off and the engines to get started, blowing the cobwebs off and getting out on the open road.

As we write, if the world were still turning, the Mille Miglia would have just finished. Those unique competition cars would be cooling off, getting ready for the next rally or road trip. This was life as we knew (and loved) it.

It is still not 100% clear when some of the events will return to the calendar, and when they do get back on track, one wonders whether they be as well attended as before.

A strain has been placed on every business around the world and no more so than on auction houses. They are, however, adaptable communities and some are still attempting to run sales behind closed doors or arranging the number of cars going through in a staggered manner. We have witnessed (and reports show) that online auctions are doing well, so is this now the shape of things to come? We do not think so, and let’s hope not!

The necessary changes taking place to ensure survival also have a huge knock-on effect as to how the market appears to be doing at the present time: with no cars being sold or not sold through auctions, the market seems to be quite still.

We learn, talking to some of the dealers, that those who seem to be doing really well are counteracted by those who have a dimmer view of the world, feeling that it has all ground to a halt because their telephone has not rung for days.

Well, I am delighted to bring you good news: the market is quite buoyant and workshops have been quietly running, work is being booked and cars are being delivered.

The classic car market is a survivor; it has stayed afloat in many a storm, and has proved so, over the years. Yes, it will have its peaks and troughs, but always tends to bounce back, settling the values as to where they should really be. It is, in a word, self-regulating.

In terms of trends, we are seeing the gradual climb and increase in following and seeking of modern classics: they seem to be making a stir with new collectors, young and old, and long may it continue.

Well done to the Bentley boys for standing up to the big boys and making a very valid point. We are seeing some great cars being restored back to their finer beauty and hope we get to see some more.

It is very interesting to find out the history of any vehicle, while in the process of its restoration. Sometimes it is good news, and others… you find out that it has the wrong giggling pin or laughing shaft… that’s when you need more details of what has happened. No, seriously, you do.

If we can assist with buying, selling, restoration storage or deliveries, please do let us know.

Be safe, keep well, and let’s look forward to a better year.

Happy safe motoring




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