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Classicmobilia E’News Issue 118 October 2020

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast

Sitting in front of a TV or computer screen to watch classic car motor racing is no fun. To get some old thrills and adrenaline kick back, I had to take the old motorbike out, start it up, and squirt some Castrol R all over the exhaust; that was the closest I have managed to attending an event this year, short of dreaming.

We have even managed to miss our beloved Mille Miglia, with the added pain of not seeing friends and rivals alike, enjoying the friendly banter and reciprocal mickey-taking. Reading the posts and looking at the photos of masked competitors on social media against a sad background of empty streets and towns is not quite the same.

Yet we urge us all not to get too depressed.

Sales have been a real eye-opener during these dispiriting times; indeed we have received reports of good and busy times and results across the board, involving a selection of classic cars. We have even seen a heightened interest in Pre-War cars, with some very nice examples being sold.

Some surprising classics are still making the headlines: who would have imagined a Hillman Imp or Morris 1100 having any impact, other than slowing traffic down?

It is so pleasing to see the market is still quite buoyant and thriving in these strange times, but what can we put this down to?

We have witnessed collectors changing a few cars around: usually, these are models which had laid stagnant for a while but are now being rolled out and sold. When classic car owners feel that they just have too many cars laying around, and not use them as they should, they are injecting new life into their collections and selling on, trading with other like-minded people from all over the world.

Beware, though… we have witnessed a large number of scammers raising their ugly heads, and these are tricky times, when people may become quite desperate.

The auction houses have been very vocal about the number of cars going over the rostrum, but not quite so forthright with their results. Watching an auction online is NOT the same as the real thing. Ramming the halls with as many cars as possible is not the answer and will have a massive knock-on effect on the market, having already affected a number of marques.

The restoration business is still on the boil: many well-known specialists have had to close their books for the next few years, and this was not expected. Long may it continue and let’s hope we see an influx of new blood in the industry, as we do need it, as well as keep our minds open for more discussion.

If we can assist in buying, selling or some good honest advice on restorations, the right way to turn to achieve one’s dream, as well as valuations, import or export support, transport or storage, then please do let us know.

Happy Motoring




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