The Shape Of Things To Come

Classicmobilia E'News Issue 121 January 2021

Aston Martin DB2/4 MK2


Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

Welcome to a New Year.

The questions on everybody’s lips are, will we have a new approach in 2021 as to how cars are bought, sold and displayed? Are we now used to watching on-line events with no spectators and dreaming as to when we can take out our dream machines in the real world?

We really do hope that auctions get back to normal, allowing us to forget all about this ‘uninvolved’ method which is being used at the present time. Quite apart from detaching us from any way of pinpointing what on earth is going on currently with the classic car market, it is also supremely boring.

We are asked on a daily basis if we wish to attend/are we going to the next ghost-town classic car show. Who really knows what will happen next or when the doors will open? Indeed the classic car publications may have been reporting what is coming, but who can predict the future on a digital, virtual basis?

The dealer network is suggesting that things have slowed down in the first few weeks of 2021, but the auction houses are on the phone recruiting new lots for the next auction, and they don’t seem to mind.

Why is that?

Is it perhaps all about filling the books to the brim, like a scattergun approach; “if they are sold, we win, if they aren’t, who cares….”?

We just cannot believe how a handful of auctions can turn the market on its head overnight by selling unrealistically-described cars for way under market value. Are they really as reported or is such description the result of the owner’s wishful thinking?

Yes, we have seen quite a few classics taking a decline in values, but are they really finding their true market values, or are they being forced down by a need to sell?

On another note, we have witnessed some wonderful cars being sold under the radar and hear the wheels spinning as they take off down the road. Being sold this way, no one will have an idea of what the car went for, or if the purchase was a real bargain (and, if so, for whom?).

The wait may be worth it, as it is exciting to be aware of many mouthwatering cars patiently abiding their time, for the next big (physical!) event to be displayed in, and their new, proud custodian.

We at Classicmobilia have been offered a select range of very special motorcars, under the radar, off market; if you are looking for something very special, please do let us know. Discretion is the word.

Brexit’s menacing shadow has not dissipated yet, and many anxious buyers and sellers just do not know what to do, but we still see movement between UK and Europe: you just need to get the paperwork right, dot the Is and cross the Ts, and we are confident that it will all work out in the end.

If you are looking to buy or sell, or just want some friendly advice, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Classicmobilia, we are here to assist.

Happy motoring and stay safe.


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