The BEST is yet to come

The BEST is yet to come

Classicmobilia E'News Issue 133 January 2022

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

We were all so looking forward to a great start to the New Year… perhaps choosing not to dwell on the past, namely THAT 2021, memorable for many (mixed) reasons.

Instead, we have seen a number of events being postponed, rearranged or even cancelled; the world we have been wishing to go back to, keeps being elusive, and failing to give us the start we need.

Travel restrictions hampered the viewing of many a vehicle, but while we feel obliged to say “thank goodness for video links”, aware that this could be the way we all move forward, nobody can deny that feeling, smelling, experiencing the real thing cannot be beaten. You can tell so much from even a small detail like the smell of a car when you open its door!

One of the areas of concern, for us, is shipping and transport costs coupled with longer times to move anything. It is still all achievable, of course, but vehicle movement in and out of the UK, after the B-word was fully introduced this year, can be a pain.

We have seen online auctions taking off, and as an enthusiastic supporter of the ‘real’ show, I still cannot fully understand why. Mixed results can paint a confused picture. The insider has a totally different view when one has online auctions calling to ask whether any part-exchange in need of being shifted is available.

We were always told there is a reason why cars are put up for auction, and that reason may be ominous, although not in all cases.

We never tire of warning potential buyers and encourage them to make sure the car of interest has a comprehensive document back-up, taxes have been paid and the HPI check has been completed fully. Nasty surprises are in store for those who do not do their due diligence.

On the other hand, how refreshing has it been to hear all the excellent feedback from the classic car dealer network? For the industry, 2021 turned out to be a good year, despite the odds. It’s quite unusual to hear dealers being so positive, as for them it is usually all doom and gloom, but at the moment the whole classic car market seems really upbeat, and long may it continue!

We need to make you all aware of the online scammers, whose presence and actions seem to become more prominent by the day. There are ‘armchair’ dealers who propose cars for sale which are NOT officially available to sell. Funny as it sounds, it was puzzling to be offered the same car by four different people last week. It turned out the car was OURS and it was NOT for sale.

If you would like assistance with buying, selling, restoration or just friendly advice, just let us know here at Classicmobilia, as always, we are here to help.


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PS:Cars for sale not advertised.

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