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Classicmobilia E’News Issue 159 April 2024

Dear Classic Car Enthusiasts, Collectors and Followers

Looking at the last month, it seems clear that in the UK even a minor show can register a surprising turnout; add the Goodwood Members’ Meeting, always busy, and the London Salon Privé with the extra razzmatazz (and even poor weather), and you have a different trend from the rest of Europe.

The opening day at Essen Techno Classic, for example, was a little worrying: a smaller event registered low footfall although it picked up over the following days, yet never to match pre-Covid times.

On the positive side, the cars on display were excellent at all shows and pleasing to see that the dealers really did step up to the mark; it’s a shame the organisers seem to think it's not their responsibility to contribute to the success too. Once the bar has been set, the shows will need to move forward to keep up with the game. Let's see how it all pans out.

My favourite subject: auctions and how they are performing!

It is slightly disturbing as they all seem to do well, but how do we really measure if they are? Records set, sales, number of cars entered, number of cars not sold, who knows! They all write their own script, and the armchair critics love all this, it all just amounts to a report on the reports.

It must be so frustrating for a dealer with a perfect car with low mileage, full detailed service history and few owners to be confronted by an ‘expert’ who witnessed a similar model go through the auctions for far less than the dealer's excellent example. Whom to believe?

Having said that, the ‘old school’ dealers know the ropes and how to describe the car well enough to explain details properly. There will always be that person who knows better…

My concern with on-line pop-up auctions is still ongoing, just be very careful, assistance may be required.

Feedback from the dealer network is that the market is still a little unpredictable in most areas, some good weeks and some poor ones, with sales doing well so far overall.

Our European friends are more concerned as the market is slightly quieter than expected, but the US still rolls on, no matter what.

If you are looking to buy or sell a classic car, good friendly advice or looking into restoring a classic car, then we are here to assist.

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