Safe as a Classic

Classicmobilia E'News Issue 112 April 2020

Aston Martin DB5 Saloon

Dear Classic Car enthusiast

“Safe as a classic car”

As we find ourselves in a strange, unique place, and in circumstances completely unknown to our generation, it would be an understatement to say that these are very difficult times. The unknown ahead of us is particularly unsettling.

The current mantra about keeping ourselves (and others) safe extends to an exhortation to follow the experts’ strict guidelines; it just so happens that this is what we advocate when buying a classic car…

While we have some time to ponder over what future lays ahead of us, we can’t help but notice that the market has not fallen down a hole, and cars are still changing hands.

Lots of armchair critics are predicting doom and gloom, but we beg to disagree: yes, times are a-changing, but our industry is stable, with nothing sinister to report.

It is a buyer’s market; telephones may not be ringing off the hook, but if you, as a buyer, have been thinking of that dream car, mulling over its purchase in your mind for the past few months, this would be an ideal time to act upon it.

We have been talking to a few dealers who thought it was time to clear the desks, and yet they report that deals have been on the table and transporters have been booked. Some positivity does not go amiss in these troubled times.

Auction houses

Auction houses have felt the pinch, and they have adapted to the circumstances very well, running on-line sales with, one must say, very good results. Of course, we are always concerned about blind purchases, but having spoken to a number of auction houses, the overwhelming feeling is that they are standing by the buyer: it is not a “buyer beware”, “sold as seen” uncompromising stance. A big ‘well done!’ to those who are being so constructive and willing to meet their customers more than halfway, long may it continue.

Make no mistake, though: we cannot emphasise enough how important it is, especially at the moment, to make sure you have

carried out a full due diligence on the car you are thinking of purchasing, no matter who the seller is.

It is still important that you investigate, and if you are unable to do so yourself, just ask the right questions as it is in everybody’s interest to conduct purchases wisely.

We shall sign off this newsletter by urging everybody to make sure we get through this safely, and back in our beloved cars. We all want to go back to life as we know it.

Our thoughts are to you all, just stay safe, look forward not back.

If we are able to assist with buying, selling or just for some friendly (but crucially important) advice, you know where we are.

Happy safe motoring


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