Classicmobilia E’News Issue 108 December 2019

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast

We would like to wish all our customers, friends and colleagues a very Happy Christmas. This is the season of goodwill and cheer and that’s how we would like to see the start of 2020.

One can say that 2019 has been a total rollercoaster of peaks and troughs, peppered with lots of talk of “highs and lows”: moaning about cars not achieving their true values, complaining about cars achieving high prices (which then translates into further concerns about rocking the market too much), or lamenting low prices through poor auction results.

In the UK, any change on the market buoyancy has been blamed on the ‘B’ word. Those who don’t usually receive international information will be interested to know that the European market is just a little flat – yet we still see cars changing ownership; whilst the US market, allegedly doing well, reported a 32% drop compared to the previous year.

“Too many cars at too many auctions make for jaded buyers and price drops”: this is how the US landscape is summed up. That speaks volumes.

In the UK, the reports are still looking good for auction houses, but the estimates are low, and so are the results; modern classics are doing well, which can be explained as a virtuous circle of new collectors and new money joining an existing audience.

We are seeing a number of cars from the 1970s to 1980s doing well, with really low mileage and clean examples. It is just the specialist top end of the market that is struggling to make the grade.

We are told the market is down and suffering, fingers are pointed at poor results, but the reality is, there are just so many people looking for that specialist car… much as we would love it, there is not a bottomless pit of buyers.

Fear not, though: the right car will sell to the right buyer.

Recently, the focus has been on classic car ownership, with a number of lawsuits making the headlines. Times are a-changing, you just have to make sure the information provided about the vehicle you wish to buy or sell is 100% correct; that is why, as we never tire of saying, the history record is so important.

Make sure the records are correct and the trail of ownership is fully transparent.

If you need assistance with buying, selling or restoration advice, please do let us know, as we are always pleased to assist.

Happy motoring. And happy holidays.


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