​Out with the old in with the new​

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe

Classicmobilia E News Issue 132 December 2021

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

We would like to wish all our customers, friends, colleagues and followers a grand Christmas: may all your wishes come true, enjoying happy holidays and hailing a virus-free New Year.

On that note, how frustrating is this for you? We know it is hugely impactful to us. We do not have to say much about this crazy situation: just when we thought the world was clearing up and we could venture out with our pride and joy… the door seems to be slammed shut again.

BUT, we have seen some very interesting special cars coming to market and selling, as the dealer network is doing well with GOOD, special cars.

We see mediocre cars hanging around like a bad smell, but the clean, straight and well-documented models are selling and doing well, and prices are strong for the right cars. Long may it last! It’s the kind of philosophy and trend we have always appreciated.

The top-end auction houses, as we see them, seem to be struggling to get worthy cars and the run-of-the-mill ones are just not making the hoped-for money. This, in turn, reflects badly on the market, highlighting the poor quality of the vehicles being offered.

The middle-of-the road auction outlets are doing well, though way below the results achieved two years ago; they feed the classic car magazines’ content, even with just mixed results and overviews.

‘No reserve’ is flavour of the month: it gets bums on seats at auction, just to see if a bargain can be bought. We feel that such a way to draw the public in, may not be the right way forward, as it looks more and more like populating a cattle market. Is this the change for the next generation? How will auctions be driven in the future? Isn’t it like going back to the days of the old dealer network auctions?

I am really passionate about cars’ background and history, as it helps get things right. It always amazes me how many ‘experts’ keep cropping up, armed with a little knowledge. Just be careful, make sure you receive the correct information, as a bad decision based on patchy data can really affect the future of your classic. Not all books are correct, make sure you check details meticulously: it can cost you dearly in more ways than just money, if you don’t.

Today we see far more of what was once known as ‘tyre kickers’; whilst they are becoming more frequent, these fine folk are also then joined by the ‘chancers’. Be aware of the fraudsters, they are becoming increasingly popular even in the classic car world. We never tire of repeating that great care should be taken.

If you need any assistance with buying, selling, restoring or just need a little guidance, you know where we are.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Happy motoring.




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