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Aston martin V8 Vantage N400 Roadster

Classicmobilia E News Issue 127 July 2021

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

Welcome back to what we can now call ‘normality’ in the classic car world, at least for the time being: although we are getting out and about a lot more, circumstances and the concept of freedom are not yet back to pre-March 2020 levels, but as an active member of the classic car fraternity, I do feel we are getting there.

It is so good to mix again with like-minded people in an environment where we can see, feel and touch some great machines coming out of hibernation and being proudly displayed at the shows.

Of course, we had been across a large number of classics even while in isolation, but it is a relief and a balm to the soul to see new kids on the block and some special pieces of kit being rolled out.

If there is a snag, it would only be the fact that it’s all pretty close to home for the time being; some of us will be missing the annual, spectacular Monterey extravaganza, the back-to-back auctions and the glamour and sparkle of what the American scene has to offer.

We just hope that shows, rallies and auctions can be planned without much crossover, a phenomenon we are already seeing this year. Without the famed gift of ubiquity, we just cannot be in two places at the same time, and therefore we may have to miss important displays. After the forced absence suffered in the last 18 months, it is more irritating than ever when one has to give up on an event because of overlapping.

This month we are totally auctioned out, and with back-to-back auctions, we may try to forget some of the cars we have looked at, checked over and bid on.

It has not been a pleasant experience, maybe owing to the disappointment about the supporting history, incorrect description and overall conditions.

Out of ten examples we checked, only one was worth bidding on, but it was totally over-valued with a crazy reserve; all the others were under-valued and yet not worthy of the final hammer price.

This shows we did get our projected values in line this time. Such situations may change the market values of the cars we were viewing and unfortunately the market is reported on results (which are NOT 100% correct), but that is an armchair critic for you.

After a short break, it’s back in the driver’s seat and checking over the cars in restoration; it’s important to get all the ‘attention to detail’ seriously, and not even the so-called experts are always right in the eyes of the owner.

We are able to assist with selling, buying, valuing, transporting or restoration, so should you need our services, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Classicmobilia, as we are always happy to hear from you.


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