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Aston Martin Virage 6.3

Classicmobilia E'News Issue 155 December 2023

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast

Looking back on an exciting year of plentiful, fabulous events with like-minded people discussing wonderful cars and the classic car market in general, 2023 has – perhaps even more than other years - turned out to be a year to remember.

The events we managed to attend were quite memorable in so many ways; to improve on that, or even just achieve the same heights, is going to be a difficult task to muster.

We have spotted some elegant and unique cars (which we hadn’t seen in a while), as well as some old favourites, roll out on our much-loved and familiar stage: we have fond memories of great cars we were once involved with, and to see them again was exciting.

The auction scene has been a major talking point amongst dealers and owners alike in the classic car world: who is right and who has it totally wrong? The classic car press has no idea and leads many buyers right down off the cliff edge!

For example, there are reports of the Aston Martin market falling off, but when you really work out the auction results and the final prices, at the end of the day people are parting with retail money, therefore it is a no-brainer.

Yes, the market has leveled out and, in some cases, dipped, yes things are slow, and a few models built in high numbers have taken a downturn, but that is the state of the classic car world as it is today.

Remember cars are in an auction for a reason, and we don’t have to elaborate on that…

This year we have been very fortunate to have some great cars pass through our showroom and some lucky new owners; we would like personally to thank these clients for their business as well as our friends and partners in the industry, as - without them - we would not be able to achieve the end results.

The classic car world is, all said and done, a small market, and we have some interesting people working and investing in the cars we all love and enjoy. It is an exciting although sometimes stressful environment, but at the end of the day the biggest reward is being around such intriguing cars (and people).

The advice, from us, is always the same, regardless of the above, or maybe because of the above: please please be so careful, it is not all Pebble Beach and Salon Privé, there are some very unscrupulous, immoral people out there so be on your guard when you deal with people you do not know, and ask those you trust to check the cars being offered.

We hope you all have a great holiday and let's look forward to a great 2024 with plenty to go for.

Remember, if you need any assistance with buying or selling a classic car, advice on restoration projects, or just a friendly chat, we are here to assist.

Happy motoring and Happy Holidays



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