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Classicmobilia E'News Issue 146 March 2023

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast


Spring on our doorstep: it's that time of the year when, unless you are very well organized and have already sorted it, you should start thinking of removing the winter wraps from your classic car and start to focus on the re-commissioning, ready for the summer.

We have seen the good fortunes of the Aston Martin Race team, positioning itself on the podium in the first two races of the season; this should spark some life into the brand (if it ever needed it!) and stimulate interest in the classic side of Aston Martin, fingers crossed.


Global markets are an ever-changing world: we are currently seeing the US market quite buoyant, the Europeans holding their own, but here, (according to the dealer network) is a little slow, with prices staying stable.

The auction world has thrown another spanner in the works. While the US leads the world and puts on a successful display of how it should be done, achieving mixed results with some eye-watering peaks, the British are still trying to fill the halls with mediocre stock, with little e or no history. As the old saying goes… “stack them high and sell them cheap”, it feels like the main concern is to move metal. The problem with that is that the motoring press is quick to react to poor performance. One or two surprises shook the auction world though, and now everyone is looking for more record-breaking cars.


In the coming months we shall start to attend some major events; as always, some will cross over, but the classic car world is moving forward steadily and we feel the corner has been turned. The crowds will start to fill the halls again and hopefully the market return to its thriving self.

Buoyant market or not, we are seeing far more mistrust in the classic car world, with a few underhand deals being undertaken by unknown dealers arriving with some suspicious-looking cars, so please do your checks, ask questions and make sure you obtain all the right facts.

If you are unsure, talk to a reputable known dealer for assistance. Experts and specialists like us would rather see a fair deal and the classic car in question being driven and enjoyed rather than a disappointed owner who did not buy wisely.

If you would like any assistance or good, down-to-earth advice, if you are looking to sell or buy a classic vehicle, just let us know. Restoration or valuations, we are here to advise and assist.

Look forward to meeting up at the coming events.

Happy motoring.


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