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Classicmobilia E’News Issue 158 March 2024

Dear Classic Car Enthusiasts, Collectors and Followers

It was so good to see the bustling Rétromobile in Paris, carrying with it a feeling of the classic car market picking up.

Then, across the pond, over to Amelia and Miami, we witnessed several quite important cars being sold under the hammer and some records being broken, along with numerous exciting shows taking place at the same time: it looks like two very important dates need to be added to the classic car world diary.

The four big players in the auction world put on a good show reporting grand turnouts and record sales, but not all were as ‘grand’ as touted, though the optimism quite clearly shows the market is still buoyant and the classic car world is alive and kicking.

We see even more new online auctions cropping up.


Where and when will it stop?

Some digital operators are doing ‘the business’, but - as they are unregulated - who really knows what the true outcome is and if the car(s) genuinely sold?

Just be very careful.

Back in the UK and Europe, we have exciting events taking place, alongside auctions whose outcome will tell if the market is still holding up.

Great reports from the dealer network! The flags are well and truly flying: some great sales, stock moving, and a nice new inventory coming to town.

So, with the famous spring being added to the step (it is the end of March, after all), all that remains is to work out what is really selling.

Reports from the auction houses show that authenticity still sells, with document-supported cars doing as well as ever, the lower end being populated by models from the ‘80s still ringing the bell but slowing down a touch.

British marques are suffering a little; where the market was strong for Jaguars, it is now falling off, while Aston Martin still holds its own even after the influx of cars from the Persian Gulf.

The Germans and Italians don’t show any sign of weakening.

We have seen so many Aston Martin DB6s go through auctions, but they are not as good value cars as some deck-chair reports seem to think.

We have seen some very nice examples sell well within the dealer network, so long may that continue.

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Happy motoring



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