Exciting Classic Times

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Exciting Classic Times

Classicmobilia E'News Issue 161 June 2024

Dear Classic Car Enthusiasts, Collectors and Followers

June is the month of back-to-back events in the UK and all over Europe, with non-stop action and exciting auction news; it's been so busy that we have had to take time out of the continuously packed diary to catch up.

The weather has affected, but not stopped, several events, and just made them a little more interesting.

The Mille Miglia started in downpours of rain with mixed weather for the following four days, but what a great event! It just gets better by the year, aided by all the beautiful cars taking part. This year the field was full, ran over five days covering 1,367 miles (about 2,200 km), and a breathtaking sight. Again, the Alfa Romeo 6C took the prize and cracked the champagne.

From the wonderful sights of Italy to the rain-soaked Le Mans: what a race between safety car displays! It is mind-boggling just how the teams make it all happen over the 24 hours. It was a great result for the Ferrari guys, with an exciting battle to the end.

Interspersed through these great events, were a couple of interesting concours taking place, with plenty of new machines being shown and displayed on the field.

Stimulating times in the auction world: with lots of personnel changes taking place, we predict that a few of the big boys will make more news in the coming months. Just watch this space as it could turn out to be an interesting time.

When an auction is held in the darkest depths of the countryside in the midweek afternoon, you have to ask the question as to why. No wonder the results reflected the unpopular choice, though the organisers seem to think differently (as they would…).

As previously and regularly reported, we are starting to see a lot more online auctions taking place and newcomers popping up trying to muscle in on the action. With the advantage of virtually NO overheads (and therefore more profit), the big boys are now at it as well.

As we see far fewer people attending auctions and far more online and telephone bids being placed, is this the way things are going?

Can these auction houses keep it going across the spectrum of the market? Someone please let me know where all the buyers are coming from… How to cheapen the classic car world, in one easy lesson.

Having been on the move for the last couple of months I have been hearing of the market being quiet and some dealers suffering from slow sales, but I have to say, good cars with reputable dealers are still selling, and better than any auction house has achieved.

This begs the question of the car being auctioned sometimes, that's why you must just always make sure you have done your due diligence correctly.

If you need good friendly advice on buying or selling your classic car or thinking of a restoration project, we are here to assist.

Happy motoring



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