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Classicmobilia E'News Issue 149 June 2023

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast

What an incredible month June has been: from London Concours, to the 100th start at Le Mans in France (and what a race that was, well done Ferrari!), then going to Brescia in Italy in time for “the most beautiful race in the world” (the Mille Miglia, of course) and before our wheels had even stopped turning… we are away again to check out a few cars dotted in Europe, stopping at Le Mans again for the Classic. That will be a memorable trip to conclude our jet-setting adventures.

Meeting old friends and colleagues along the way has been an exciting journey and one we have had the pleasure to recall each evening, as the conversations about special cars and events has brought an endless stream of smiles along the way.

Keeping half an eye on the auction scene and online lottery (sorry, “auctions”) has not been an easy one this month, the rollercoaster ride of auctions has been quite interesting if not a little un-nerving, watching several classic cars taking a tumble through poor results or non-sales.

Surprise surprise, the good cars have still held out, and returned good results.

Walking around the scrutineering area at the Mille Miglia this year was, as ever, enlightening, talking to the enthusiastic owners and navigators waiting to have their paperwork stamped and the seal placed around the steering column; each one has a special story to tell, with over 440 cars entered this year, it's difficult to remember all of them, but undoubtedly both participants and spectators enjoy the thrill of the event. As in the old times, the Italian streets are awash with crowds cheering and waving.

This is a lifelong passion.

This year's Classic Le Mans will be the same, with a full field of thrilled and excited owners and drivers lining up at the start as they did back then. Will they hold back? Not likely, this is pure racing at its best.

We may ask ourselves “what makes a classic car a special one, and why do some hold their values more than others?”

If you are able to find a car eligible for the Mille Miglia or Classic Le Mans entry, then you are halfway there, but if you should find an original entry car, that’s it: jackpot.

Some of these cars with automatic entries are the golden key to most events and in some cases they guarantee invites to events too.

Be warned, you must make sure you have done your homework and checked the records, as history (and its evidence) can be confusing sometimes. Get it totally wrong, and you are left out.

If you are looking for advice on buying or selling a classic car, or looking to restore a car and are a little unsure, we are here to help.

Look forward to meeting up at the coming events.

Happy motoring.


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