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Classicmobilia E’News Issue 160 May 2024

Dear Classic Car Enthusiasts, Collectors and Followers

We have just returned from a sun-soaked Monte Carlo, where it is almost customary to witness an outstanding show of classic Formula One racecars being driven around the city streets at pace; some fabulous drivers showed what racing used to be like and were fortunate enough to stretch the legs on these priceless classics.

I am obviously envious of the owners and drivers of the cars and know how proud they must have been to display their pride and joy on one of the most exciting and glamorous racetracks in the world. I was honoured to witness such a festival.

The sounds and sights of stupendous machines at such a rarefied level are quite memorable.

Whilst there, we witnessed three large auction houses displaying almost 200 cars, out of which 158 sold over the three days. These venues also were in plush surroundings, and it was a case of who had the best cars and who managed to achieve the top results on each day.

But was it all what it was cracked up to be?

Word on the street and from some audiences (mainly those who went to buy such beauties) is that it may have been a little flat with no buzz.

The French boys on home turf with all their cars at no reserve just did not reach the estimates given. The Brits, who were just out of town, reported flat results and the Canadians just seemed to get over the line with several cars and general sales.

Although there were many people at each location, there were more telephone and on-line bidders still.

Back home in the UK we had yet another home-grown auction taking place, but they, too, did not ring too many bells and from the results seem to have lost out. Are we seeing some trends emerging here?

The number of on-line auctions is just crazy, which seems healthy in a demanding market, but nobody knows what the results actually are and if the cars really do sell. It could, for all we know, be all smoke and mirrors.

Are we now seeing the market softening? If you look at the cars offered at auction and what has sold, we STILL CANNOT judge the market simply from auction results.

All we know is that, as always, if you have a good car and it has documented support, it will sell to the right person and will achieve the right value.

The sun is on its way, and we see some fantastic events around the corner, just make sure you have prepared your classic for the summer driving and enjoy the coming drives.

We are now preparing for the rundown to Italy for the Mille Miglia, which will mean missing out on a few events, but nothing compares to “the most beautiful race in the world”.

Remember, if you need some advice or guidance on buying or selling your classic car or thinking of a restoration project, we are here to assist.

Happy motoring


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