Classicmobilia E’News Issue 106 September 2019

Dear Classic Car enthusiast,

Only three months to the end of the year, and the first nine seem to have flown away.

September must have been one of the busiest months for the classic car world, with back-to-back shows (some on the same day), interesting game-changing auctions and exciting European rallies with a twist… all of which were totally sold out as events!

The Market

Despite the occasional rumours that the market is a little quiet, sales are visibly happening; a large number of vehicles are coming to the fore, with the top cars disappearing as soon as they land on the advertising pages.

Looking at dealers’ advertising lists, there seems to be a quick change around of stock, new ‘infantry’ appearing and keeping the army interesting, so something must be stirring in the market.

Looking more closely, we see a large number of racing and rally cars being offered and sold quite quickly. Are we seeing a new ‘racing’ trend there? More and more track events are being filled, and are even over-subscribed; very exciting cars are taking to the tracks. Let’s just hope this continues.

Auction News

A number of important and game-changing auctions were held this month. No surprising results to be mentioned here, nor high value cars making the headlines.

It seems that auction houses are now having to work harder for their money and the cars being offered are not as exciting as they used to be. The heat is on… survival of the fittest? Time will tell.


In the UK we witnessed three events taking place at the same time and what grand award-winning cars were displayed at each! Which one to attend, which one to miss out? The wonderful Goodwood Revival just gets bigger every year, but even better when the sun shines and much effort is made to look that good.

Having just returned from the Gran Premio Nuvolari in Italy, with some wonderful cars and drivers participating in it, it was a pleasure to be with like-minded people enjoying the same passion for classic cars. Italian countryside and the smell of old cars driving hard: what can be better?

If we are able to assist with buying, selling, finding out more information on restorations, storage or just plain straight talking cars, let us know. As always, we are here for you and would be delighted to chat

Happy motoring.


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