Classicmobilia E’News Issue 99 January 2019

Dear Classic Car enthusiast,

In our world, a Happy New Year is one which has four classic car events in the first 14 days!

As always, some outstanding auctions took place in the US, with some very interesting and exciting motor cars sold then. Again, our world is one where going out to events like those means talking to people who want to discuss such cars, and not what our politicians are getting us all into/out of.

Although the locations were quite near to one another, different and equally interesting vehicles starred at each of the events; a sign, if we need any, that the classic car market is booming.

Despite the British cold winter mornings, it is a pleasure to witness an outstanding turnout everywhere with a gathering of enthusiasts, driving eclectic, wonderful machinery some distance to display and talk about their pride and joy to other similarly-minded individuals. Sometimes, their journey to the event is rather eventful, and that is also a fantastic topic of conversation.

Obviously, with such rich pickings, our diary is full for the first part of the year already; we may not attend all events, but most occasions will be covered.

Our friends over the pond hosted exciting auctions last week in Scottsdale USA and some very special motorcars went over the auction block: good results always support the finer examples.

However, the opposite is also true: the cars which were not as good/correct in specs and history saw their status reflected in the results. This is a breath of fresh air, and we do hope the results are reported faithfully to explain the results.

Looking through the up-and-coming auctions taking place in Europe, we have already spotted interesting motorcars whose presence at sales will influence what the market will be doing for the coming months. It is worth keeping an eye on near future events for that reason.

As for us, we at Classicmobilia have some very interesting cars becoming available soon: most of them are quite an eye-opener and worth investigating, so keep watching our website and… this space.

If you would like assistance with buying or selling, or whether you are looking for something special, please do let us know as we do have endless contacts in the market. After all, it is who you know that makes the difference.

We look forward to hearing from you or meeting up in the coming months.

Happy Motoring.


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