Classicmobilia E’News Issue 98 December 2018

Seasonal Greetings

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

One could call 2018 a “helter-skelter’ of a year; as we approach its end, it looks like theclassic car market may well be finishing on a low note.

True enough, there will be dealers moping around, jaws on the floor, lamenting the demise of their expectations. However, the old timers who have been through all this before, keep looking forward to busy times ahead, preparing and planning.

One of the concerns being voiced is the number of auctions taking place: two were organised in the capital over just three days, a ‘super car’ affair and another with mixed, interesting offerings.

Unfortunately, the posted results were nowhere near where they were expected to be, so the whole market ends up suffering. Auction rooms were still full, but mainly with on-lookers; as for the dealers, they are out to get a feel for the market.

With far too many auctions crammed in a handful of weeks, something was going to give way. In this instance, it was the quality of the examples being offered. One word for it: POOR.

We were asked to look at a very interesting motorcar at a recent auction; the write-up in the catalogue read like a full-on novel with outstanding racing history and famous names peppering the whole fairy-tale. Yes, one could see that the car had a story to tell and looks to match but, (and this is a big BUT), the history file was empty.

The car came with nothing except the new registration document and a cigar lighter! What a total shame. If there is nothing to support the car’s history, the whole storyline becomes… hearsay. Lack of documentation is a complete shame, but some cars still get sold to naïve buyers.

On the other side of the pond, we witnessed some cracking results, with some well-prepared showpieces being rolled over the rostrum.

Surprisingly, the good restoration shops are making hay, with a waiting list well into the coming year. Whether major or minor workloads, it’s good to see busy people in the industry, so keep up the good work.

We would like to wish you all very best for the Christmas break and hope you manage to have a relaxing time with family and friends.

Season’s greetings to you all.

Thank you all for your support over the past year, and let’s look forward to an exciting 2019.

Happy motoring.


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