Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

November used to be a quiet month, but this year there’s been so much going on with openings, launches, and fresh events popping up on everybody’s diary that it is hard to keep up.

As if we didn’t have enough auction houses, it appears that new ones, and new locations, are now being introduced and taking place; that, of course, means strong competition jostling for position in a very sophisticated market. The downside? Poor cars, or cars in poor condition, a phenomenon which affects the industry negatively.

We should be used to it by now, yet it is always frustrating to walk around auctions seeking cars which have been described in a certain way, only to find out that they are not in the alleged condition, and therefore will not make the estimated valuation.

It has become such a task sifting through the little history a car may come with, with very sparse documents, and in the worst cases, the vehicle comes with nothing at all, just a note mentioning log book will follow. Does it? We never hang around to find out, as time is precious.

As mentioned many times now, we feel that the auction world and its results may not be the right way to judge the classic car market and, by extension, other cars. The market must not be reduced to an unsold car at auction. Every car must to valued by its own history and supporting documents.

We have been asked more and more lately to view vehicles to prove how original the caris, making sure the numbers match and the vehicle is correctly advertised. We seem to fight against case of people profiteering from the King’s Clothes syndrome, applied to cars which simply do not have enough ‘clothes’ to support their claims.

We have just come back from the well-subscribed and always wonderful ‘London to Brighton’ rally this year. Having just entered a team of Mille Miglia cars for 2019, we are looking forward to a great year of events coming up.

Speaking of MM, we shall have a number of Mille Miglia Cars for sale, hire or rent for the event, so if you should be interested in any way, please do let us know.

We also have a number of very special cars being offered which we are not openly advertising, like the Aston Martin Jet 2+2. Very interestingly, we have located the original full-size styling buck and ALL the moulds and tooling for the car, so now every part for the car can be produced.

If so required, further Jet 2+2s could be manufactured to original specification, and that doesn’t happen every day.

If you would like further details on buying selling, or discussing any of the special cars we have, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Classicmobilia.

Happy motoring.


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