Classicmobilia E'News Issue 94 July 2018

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

Warning! This could well be the start of the mad season for events and exciting sales

The sun is out, temperatures are soaring and classic car interest and prices are doing the same. Where are the pundits with their cloudy crystal balls? Who said the market was on its knees?

We will admit that auction houses are having a particularly tough time, but who is complaining, apart from them? All that means for the buyer is that the cars can be picked up for a more sensible price, instead of the over-the-top tags once hefty commissions have been added.

We are aware of some very interesting motorcars having been sold away from auction rooms and for respectable figures. This has shaken a few people up, and reduced some general cockiness. Yes, the paddle holder is keeping his/her powder dry, his/her wallet in his/her pocket and not bidding just because the auctioneer told him/her to!

Over the years we have identified a trend which does not seem to abate: perfect, original cars as well as perfectly restored ones, are becoming extremely hard to come across; invariably, should one be lucky enough to find such examples, they will make exceptional returns.

Talking about trends, it’s so exciting to keep seeing the ‘modern’ classics coming through. However, they do have to be good cars, such as the JaguarXJS, Aston Martin Virage, Porsche 911 and Mercedes Benz, and even some Rolls Royce Shadows!

In our capacity as classic car connoisseurs and a ‘restoration monitor’ team, we have found more and more difficult to have our vehicles repaired, restored or renovated lately. The expert workshops are bursting at the seams, the old-time workforce is falling by the wayside, and – crucially - young people are not joining this incredibly fast-moving industry to hold the mantle and take over from the older generation.

Where does this put the future of our pride and joy? Where do we go now to have those special repairs carried out to make it all look original?

The usual word of advice: be careful. We have seen some very poor repairs turning up lately. For those with an untrained eye, this could be very costly to correct in the long run.

Let’s enjoy the coming weeks of good weather, exciting events and hopefully new carson the horizon.

If you need any assistance with buying, selling or just a friendly ear, just let me know, we are here to help.

Happy motoring


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