Classicmobilia E'News Issue 92 April 2018

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

Things don’t slow down just because it’s Easter time or end of school term, in the classic car world, as the auction houses and dealer network will tell you.

There is no downturn or slow-down. No change of direction, in fact, as many lovely motorcars keep changing hands on and off the market.

The auction world is having another hectic time, with many sales taking place all over the world and indeed with mixed reports. It is true that a large number of vehicles are pushed through in a poor state, or poorly prepared, offered at high prices and therefore failing to sell.

Healthy returns will always get the buyer’s attention and this is what people usually speak about; sometimes, it is corroborated by results. Yet top-end cars being put on the market are suffering when poor examples float around, bringing the values down. This, in turn, reflects on the entire marketplace, as end results are what all sales are judged upon.

Fairs, shows, posh and not-so-posh events are being organised in the same country on the same day, at times, with great cars achieving the sellers’ dream price and being talked about for that reason.

On reflection, and considering what is going on in Europe as well as the US, chats with other industry experts whilst away on business trips have highlighted a slightly quieter atmosphere in the market, though turnover is up, with fewer ‘tyre-kickers’ annoying both sellers and dealers. This frees time for the real enthusiast, who is a joy to deal with.

Headlines, as always, brim with unsavoury stories about traders and their lack of scrupulousness; as if those characters were just limited to our industry...

At the risk of repeating ourselves here, it always pays to do one’s homework, ask the right questions, dig deeper in the right places. The truth is not always offered to the buyer on a silver plate.

If you need any advice about buying, selling, or embarking on the exciting yet (always) fraught restoration project route, come to us: we are always happy to share wisdom and knowledge accumulated over the years.

It’s nearly time to take the dust sheets off your pride and joy, and start it up again for the milder spring days: one of the best times of the year for any classic car enthusiast.

Happy motoring


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