Classicmobilia E'News Issue 91 February 2018

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

Last month, the New Year was heralded by a range of mixed messages, which Classicmobilia is in the perfect position to collate – as we attend global events and have international contacts. Some doom and gloom was counterbalanced by glowing hopes and expectations: it all depends on the source, and their perception of the markets.

This year started well in the USA, which was in full swing in January, auction house after auction house offering a full array of classics.

We wouldn’t do our job if we didn’t try to look beyond the glitter, and ask ourselves… were the results what everyone wanted/expected?

Were the cars as polished as they should have been?

Sales results didn’t disappoint, although there were no record-breakers to report.

They will certainly keep businesses going for the next few months. Europe started with a packed house at Maastricht and the ever-expanding Retromobile show in Paris. Even with the weather playing havoc with punters’ plans, it was a busy weekend all round.

The auctions had the same message as the overseas colleagues: thick catalogues and a mixed bag of classics. Turnout was down and sales were high, with no record to report. As ever, the French did ‘the business’ on their home ground even without the star car on board; the stops were pulled out on all avenues, making attending a crazy experience.

The show was a real eye-opener: stands got bigger and some very nice cars were being displayed alongside real screamers, which looked like stand fillers or dealers’ desperate attempt to part with stock.

The market is sophisticated enough to facilitate new homes for the best of the bunch. The message, though, as we keep saying, is clear: the real deal is being sold under the radar.

Nevertheless, 2018 looks exciting on all fronts, and globally, people from wide and near attend these events arranging meetings with buyers, sellers, collectors and ever-so-hopeful investors. Yes, turnout was down, but that may be due to the increase in the number of events to attend, their growth and propensity for clashing or overlapping.

Stands stood empty at times, and one can guess that participants may have pulled out at the last call. This, in our view, is not a market ‘wobbler’ or businesses in trouble. It could just be that events organisers got greedy.

Remember, make sure your head rules your heart, don’t jump in with both feet, make sure you check your new purchase out and get a second opinion on what your car is really worth, not just by checking auction results, especially in the current market.

If we can assist with buying, selling or just a friendly chat, you know where we are.

Happy motoring.


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