Classicmobilia E'News Issue 107 November 2019

Dear Classic Car enthusiast,

Has the world gone mad, or are we just not attuned to it any longer? October was a whirlwind of a month, non-stop from start to finish, events everywhere and full-to-capacity, breaking all attendance records, auction houses reporting good results. How can the market still be reported as a little slow? We have our doubts about that.

The Market

The biggest (and most common) question asked from everyone today is “How are you finding the market?”, usually followed by “Isn’t it a bit quiet out there?” These seem like questions with an inbuilt answer, from people who want to be told that the market is quiet.

Well, we have news for you: the market is only quiet for the ostriches of this world who just stick their heads in the sand and keep peddling the average car. Even more importantly, the market’s features have changed.

In today's market potential buyers are asking more questions, requesting more documented history for the car they are interested in, and demanding matching numbers, not only on engines and chassis but also (would you believe it?) for gearboxes and axles. What a major change!

Buyers and collectors are becoming more discerning and asking the right questions, quite far from “Is that the original colour?”. Nobody simply comments with “It looks nice in that colour” any more.

We see more and more requests for perfect cars or original un-tampered-with classics, with what age and time have been giving them: a “patina.”

Auction News

Who to believe? Who to listen to? There is no getting away from official results, like it or not.

We see cars with no history, cars with suspect restorations and so many no-reserve cars coming to the auction world. The results released may point at a good, successful auction, but for whom?

With so many auctions coming to town, all claiming to have just ‘THE’ special car, one can be forgiven for struggling to see where the buyers would come from, and which new star will be born next.


Some cracking events this month, from the Sunday scrambles, cars and coffee mornings, to the great expanding Italian extravaganza weekends, what a turnout! All these initiatives are growing on a yearly basis.

As we sat down to enter the 2021 events in our diary, there are so many clashing that we may have to give up on a rally here and there…

If we can assist in buying or selling, restoring or storing your classic, please do let us know, that's what we are here for.

Happy motoring.


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