Classicmobilia E’News Issue 105 August 2019

Dear Classic Car enthusiast,

News update

Classicmobilia is 10 years old this month and how do we celebrate our anniversary? By attending the Classic Car week in Monterey, of course.

Showing the totally unique and timeless Aston Martin Project Vantage at The Quail was a privilege for both the owner and us. That masterpiece was in good company, with a great line-up of very special motorcars.

Monterey always promises and punctually delivers a week of action-packed events: over 1,400 cars being auctioned, ‘Concours’ events including anything and everything from supercars to barn finds, street shows and a number of special drive days. Ah, to possess the special power of ubiquity!

Auction News

Controversy: that’s the one word to describe the emotions around the talk of the town. We still do not understand what went wrong with what was going to be the star of the show, but – unpredictably as it is - it did not sell.

We still had a record-breaking McLaren for ¢18,000,000, and THE James Bond DB5 sold for over $6,000,000. It was a frenzied week, and hard to keep up with results of around 80% sales, which means that it was certainly a good opportunity for some.

That figure, though, may well highlight the fact that there are far too many auctions being held, oversubscribed with cars of differing conditions and poorly described (in a lot of cases).

The new Aston Martin sale was well received and attended, and cleverly used (why not!) as a social event by owners, dealers and Aston Martin fans. Shame the other Aston Martins auctioned elsewhere did not get the same response, but selling right-hand-drive, UK-registered cars in California may not be considered a wise move by many.

Will this have any reflection on the market? We don’t think so, perhaps merely a blip in the whole auction pantomime.


Monterey is the place to see every car you would desire to own, photograph and drive, filled with proper motoring people, all wanting to talk cars, old and new; but while all this was going on, this side of the pond was busy with well-attended events too.

We at Classicmobilia would like to thank all our clients past and present, dealers, press and PR colleagues for all the assistance over the last 10 years: let’s look forward to a further 10 years.

Remember, if we are able to assist with buying, selling or even if you are just after straightforward advice, you know where we are.

Happy motoring.


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