Classicmobilia E’News Issue 104 July 2019

News update

Well, at least the market is alive, though changing so much on almost a daily basis! As always, poor results are blamed on the B word; the gap between euro and pound sterling has narrowed and the US market seems to be flying. Have all of the above made a difference to the Classic Car World?

This year, so far, we have seen some marques take a hit and others level out, but has this anything to do with inflated prices in 2018? Perhaps the market has now found its true position?

We feel that iconic models like Ferrari Dinos, Jaguar E-Types, Aston Martin DB5s are now where the market should be.

Auction news

Again, just to keep us entertained, some very mixed results with a few big surprises; other outcomes seem to be turning the market on its head and we have even seen rabbits being pulled out of the hat!

New comers to the auction world have made the market stand up and ask a few questions. Poor results from previous top performers in the auction world are stimulating curiosity and a wish to understand more about what is going on.

Despite everything, there are STILL cars going to auction with no history files and nothing to support their true identity. Shouldn’t questions be asked about their past? Why do they find themselves up for sale, and at that price?

One is reminded of the old story of two Ferraris going to auction, both very similar but one making over £100,000 more then the other; initial reports did not shed much light on the reason of the discrepancy, until one realises that it’s all down to knowing a car’s provenance. Having access to a car’s DNA and full family history makes a huge difference.


Each weekend is fully booked with back-to-back sold-out events, which are only getting better and offering classics which have not being in the public eye for years. How refreshing!

The European classic car world is just exploding with fresh new (old) metal rolling out to be displayed, raced and judged. This week has been so exciting and August will be a really busy one on both sides of the pond.

The US scene is hotting up for a real extravaganza of car displays, auctions and concours events, putting a stake in the ground for the rest of the year. Like you,

we just cannot wait. Do get in touch if you have restoration projects and/or a need for management services, as we can help with both or either.

See you all out there!

Happy motoring