Classicmobilia E’News Issue 102 May 2019

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,


Is there a greater way to begin May, than to participate in what is the “most beautiful race in the world”? We were in Brescia for the start of the 90th Mille Miglia: unusual for this time of the year in Italy, it was (at times) cold and wet, but still over-subscribed and well supported. The Mille Miglia is a truly wonderful event which only allows some breath-taking motorcars from appropriate eras to participate.

Despite the poor weather conditions, (which becomes more of a problem when racing classic cars), it was good to see some old campaigners going through their paces. Of course, there have been years when the event did not even take place, and it certainly has changed over time, but that is unavoidable.

We should be grateful that, despite the obsession with ‘ealth an safety’, the Mille Miglia still takes place. Long may it last.

This year, the tour was supported by Zagato’s 100-year centenary celebration and, it was great to see Andrea Zagato and Marella Rivolta leading the field, supported by some great cars.

Arriving sideways in a cloud of dust at the Aston Martin concours event was quite an eye opener for spectators as well as the perpetrator(s): this is becoming a real must-go-to event, with an impressive display of very well supported wonderful motorcars.

It’s a shame we had to miss out on some other interesting events because of diary clashes, but we are managing a little catch-up time before we head back on the flight path to Villa Erba, and we cannot wait.


A summary of this month’s auction scene: mixed bag of mediocre cars with a few good ones thrown in to balance things out and keep respectability. Why are auctions all taking place at around the same time? Regardless of diary clashes, though, this may not be the best time to hunt around for a special find: auction houses seem to be struggling to find good cars, and what is available does not set your heart racing. Questions will be asked if collectors are involved, and they may not like the answers.

The Market

Contrary to popular belief, and some occasional media mongering, the market is still strong, provided that the right (and we stress ‘right’) cars are on offer. What we mean by that is correct, matching numbers, well documented examples, with no hidden ‘extras’.

If you need any advice on buying or selling or just need to chat about the market, please do let us know here at Classicmobilia, as we would be delighted to answer your call or email.

Happy motoring.


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PS. We have a number of very special motorcars for sale not advertised.

Aston Martin DB MKIII Saloon RHD restored

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Aston Martin V8 Saloon S5 1984 Auto RHD

Aston Martin V12 Zagato LHD

Aston Martin One-77 LHD

PPS. Aston Martin Jet 2+2 Continuation now ready to order

Three Sold, Four Left.

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