Classicmobilia E’News Issue 100 March 2019

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

Firstly, I would like to welcome you all to the 100th issue of Classicmobilia E’News and thank you to all the followers, customers and friends who have stuck with me since August 2009 when the first E’News hit your inbox.

Over the ten years Classicmobilia has been trading, many exciting events have taken place, the market has evolved, changes have occurred, and we have been in the unique position to be able to witness it all, first hand.

Who could have foreseen the upturn of the Ferrari Dino, the meteoric rise of the Maclean F1 road car, how the Aston Martin DB5 became the most coveted of them all... Sometimes it is easy to see why, but other shifts in the classic car fans’perception are harder to fathom.

We intend to continue attending those important auctions around the world which tend to control the market by influencing it with their sales results, and which at the same time are controlled by the punters in a vicious circle of offer and demand. You will continue finding us at the best shows in the world with ever increasing attendance and... we will continue to try and (not) put too many cats amongst the pigeons or minis among the Ferraris.

Auction fever in the US

We witnessed a very buoyant auction market in the US within the continued rise of the market as a whole. Surprising, and against past sales, we have seen a shift in pre-warcars, with a select few returning some very healthy figures. This sub-segment of the market seems to have taken over the fast-growing spot once the domain of the modern classics. The results were up compared to previous years so the US is a healthy market indeed.

High turnout at European auctions

Paris auctions were very busy as always, despite rumours that the market was quiet; someone should have told the buyers out there.

The auctions houses were packed, but sales were slow; again, in Europe as overseas, pre-war cars were doing well, modern classics holding their own, but the usual Ferraris, Mercedes and Aston Martins did not perform as well as usual. The reason for the latter might be that some of the examples going over the rostrum were not the best.

The start of the UK auctions was a little on the quiet side with some disappointing entries all round. It is tempting to say that this must be a sign of “too much too often”.


Great to see the classic car events full to capacity and growing in size to accommodate the extra footfall, with some changes to make the experience more interesting. Although there was a lot of ‘car talk’ during the events, not many vehicles were displayed on the shop floor, almost like they could be spoken about even in their absence.

The Market

Are we seeing a shift to pre-war cars or is it a blip in the system and are modern classics still on the rise? Talking to the pre-war specialists, their business is doing well; but so are the modern classics, so trends seem to be correct.

Just to reiterate, very good cars are in demand. To be good and therefore to sell, they must have:

* Matching numbers

* Clean straight bodies

* Structurally sound chassis

* Continuous history

This list ticks most of the “sales boxes” required to sell a car, but beware of very good copies; there are a number out there.


If you need any help or assistance with buying, selling or just good old sound advice, just let us know at Classicmobilia and we will try to assist.

Happy motoring.


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