Classic Cars That Ring The Bell!​

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Zagato

Classicmobilia E News Issue 128 August 2021

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

What a wonderful, changing world we live in today! The rate at which the classic car industry moves is amazing and so unpredictable that we are not sure anybody can forecast what the next ‘hype’ will be.

Yes, we all know the limited-number Ferrari and Porsche models will always ring the over-the-top bell, but when you have the wheels falling off the Aston Martin DB6 market you start to wonder... even though we all know the reasons behind that hiccup.

Being one of the unfortunate few who missed this year’s Monterey, I coped with the big blow graciously, as I did manage to stay up until late to watch the auctions live and have a few bids (which came to nothing).

They are having the time of their lives, over the pond, with so much going on and way too much to talk about. Refreshingly, it’s getting the world of classics talking again and the ripples from there are reverberating onto us in UK and Europe. Long may it last.

Dealers all over Europe as well as the UK are witnessing far more interest, with reports of good sales going through the network. Exciting times for all parties, yes, but how long can they sustain the interest with a lack of good cars around?

Auction houses are beginning to have go to work; it’s time to pick up the telephone and find some cars. It’s strange how the market turns so quickly. Now that auction houses open their physical doors and more on-line auctions appear each week, where are all the potential sales coming from, all of a sudden? And WHAT will they fill their catalogue with? Time will certainly tell! Has the classic car world woken up to rolling the dice and taking a chance on the mystery of an unknown auction car? We like to watch and wait for the inevitable developments.

One area everyone has to be very careful of, is the classic car scam. Sadly, we have seen an influx of new scam plans developing recently. Only this month, we managed to stop and report three very good examples just in time. In one incredible case the scammer even sent a lawyer’s letter to reclaim the dud cheque.

If you are looking to buy/sell, for a valuation of your classic, thinking of restoring it, or just need some unbiased advice, we are all here to help at Classicmobilia.


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