​Classic Car Spring Shockers​

Classicmobilia E News Issue 135 March 2022

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

We all welcome Spring, especially after the last two years. The clocks have changed, the weather is brighter and the classic car world is now really upon us.

The doors are back open and the crowds are rolling in, BUT is it back to the ‘norm’ as we knew it? The past two weeks have seen the re-opening of two of the biggest shows in Europe: Rétromobile in Paris and Techno Classica in Essen.

Yet we noticed the huge void: where were the Brits?

Paris’s glamour was missing something, the big boys, the big ‘G’ in glamor. We could all clearly see the British contingent was absent, which means the show was not as sparkling as usual.

This is not a patriotic shout, but a genuine observation that, although the show did go on, it was obviously not the same. Attendance numbers were down despite the relatively crowded floors and the packed auction (as always).

This was also reflected in the empty halls of Essen; we had never witnessed that before; again, what was missing was the Brits, but also the overall footfall.

Moreover, it was the first time we did not seen the “sold” signs on the windscreens by the end of the first day, although it did pick up a little later.

It was a shame, and even regretful to report it, but of course we all hope it will get back to normal very soon. Two very big concerns loomed: the virus and Brexit have both been contribution factors.

Rétromobile’s decision to move the dates of the show did not help and Techno Classica did not get the clearance to proceed until six weeks prior to the event, missing the opportunity to create real focus on promoting the event.

When you factor in Brexit, an aspect which is still a little cloudy to this day, and couple it with the whole movement of cars to and from the UK, you get the feeling that not all is well or smooth-going.

What effect has the above had on the market, to date?

Well, it’s been encouraging following the prices achieved of late, at auction and from dealer sales.

Considering the low interest rates, and high inflation in the economy, it will be no surprise that the market has been buoyant of late.

As ever, high quality cars continue to find new homes at uplifting prices, at least on a certain range of models. Low mileage, documented history and high-quality, fully-prepared cars, continue to be much in demand and increasingly difficult to find.

The auction houses are continuing to fill the halls and yet the online auctions seem to grow steadily, threatening to take over, and when you see a car not selling at a physical auction and then the same car make top dollar at an online one, it just makes you pay attention to the oddity, and wonder what is really going on, and why.

Here at Classicmobilia, we have some interesting stock on offer and we are always here to assist you with your classic car needs, be it buying or selling, finding that dream car, giving advice on restoration, carrying out valuations: whatever the issue, we are here to help.

Happy motoring and keep safe.




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