Classic Car Sales On The Up

Classicmobilia E'News Issue 114 June 2020​

Aston Martin V8 Volante

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast

There are always different angles from which to look at a situation: the classic car world seems to have taken an unproductive turn in the last few months, signalling a reversal in the trend we had got used to. As an upside, though, we see dealer sales increasing and a few, albeit sparse, showroom floors.

We also see a lot of new stock being shown and advertised. Perhaps classic car owners have had time seriously to re-evaluate their collections, and decided what to keep and what to sell?

The number of new enquiries and requests for vehicle histories to be checked over has increased in the last three months. Every day now we receive inspection requests… but unfortunately, travel is still disrupted and many activities requiring a physical presence are still prohibited. We hope that this will change soon and some semblance of normality may ensue.

On the other hand, our logistics team has been working non-stop, transporters toing and froing across the country and – in some instances – further afield, with cars being collected and delivered.

Needless to say, we are missing grand events like the Mille Miglia against the backdrop of the wonderful Italian countryside, rubbing shoulders with like-minded people sharing our passion for classic cars. We are sure we speak for the community when we say we cannot wait for events go take place again.

We have seen a few online auctions making the headlines and a lot of dealer discussions taking place. Has the new ‘normal’ been a hit for sellers and buyers alike and are the auction houses making hay without huge overheads? Who is the real winner during these crazy times?

Can we see more on-line auctions taking place? Although there have been some really good walkaround videos of the cars online, the digital alternative does not give you a real ‘feel’ for the cars, their smell, their presence. The true classic car enthusiast and dealer will know exactly what we are referring to.

We are sorry to report that some of the examples being auctioned are NOT the best specimens and that’s really what (originally) auctions were, and still are, all about: cars which are not good enough to be retail offers.

Times have changed… and you must never expect the same preparation as a dealer would be able to fulfil.

The questions on everybody’s lips are: what is selling and what is not? What are the best buys in the current climate?

Some odd trends may be startling, as we witness a number of marques which had been doing very well, but now begin to decline slightly. Perhaps the quick increase had thrown the market off kilter. Maybe offer and demand still need to find their true balance.

If we can assist with buying, selling, valuations or restoration advice, then please do let us know. We are here to assist.

Happy motoring.


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