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Classicmobilia E'News Issue 137 June 2022

Goodwood FOS 2022

Classicmobilia E News Issue 137 June 2022

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

Over the last few months we have slowly come to the conclusion that there are way too many classic car events and not enough time: having just returned from “the most beautiful race in the world”, the Mille Miglia, we have discovered that we have missed some other events in the industry’s summer calendar.

The Mille Miglia was back in full swing, with both sheer numbers in terms of attendance and nostalgic, emotive crowd support; no matter how many times we attend, the race never fails to hit us with its charm and marvellous atmosphere. It is great to spend time with like-minded people, in a wonderful, hospitable country, surrounded by desirable motorcars spanning over 30 years.

Then it was back to Glorious Goodwood. Like the Italian adventure, the British event is back to its spectacular self, even bigger and better. I was gently reminded of the first Festival of Speed, in 1993; even I was allowed to drive up the hill with passengers and without crash helmets… my word, how things have changed!

After a fleeting visit to the London Concours, we are now off to Classic Le Mans, which, we are sure, will be another complete sell-out. Altogether, yet another momentous occasion to look forward to, as it’s been woefully too long.

You don’t read this short newsletter to hear all about the wonderful industry we enjoy so openly… perhaps a little about our perception of the markets wouldn’t go amiss. The feedback from the US market is very upbeat and corroborated by some interesting auction results; in fact, it seems to be outdoing the UK.

As always, we have concerns as to where the UK auction scene is going; without a doubt good cars are still selling, but there are many mis-described and rough options on the market, which means that the bad apples are spoiling the entire basket even though it may still be full of good ones.

The phenomenon of more and more cars being put through auction, compared to the past, has been discussed at length, throughout the trade: what used to be a two-hour show, can run into a four or five hour-long marathon. This must have a knock-on effect and cause the market to suffer, as I am sure the results are not being reported correctly and the true picture is being distorted, however slightly.

The online auctions are growing as well, which lead us to want to find out more. We did the exercise, with mixed results, and will be divulging more about it in the coming months.

We have been bombarded by import/export queries: the original concerns with transporting classic cars in and out of Europe were caused by the very grey area within which we all have to move, but we have seen this easing up slightly and the transport companies have really moved forward, alongside broader controls and customs departments.

Vehicle registration in and out of Europe is still an area of (perhaps minor) concern.

If you would like assistance with buying or selling, import/export or even Mille Miglia or Classic Le Mans support, we are here to assist or point you in the right direction.

Happy motoring and keep safe.


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