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Classicmobilia E’News Issue 150 July 2023

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast

Welcome to the 150th edition of Classicmobilia E’News. That number does sound as impressive as expressing this time as fourteen years of dutifully reporting about the classic car world to you. We have witnessed many changes over the years, which is not bad for a market which outsiders consider a static, traditional industry.

In reality, no matter what the changes are, the truth is that nothing rocks the classic car world too much: regardless of any issues, it continues to be one of the best investment hubs, adding to any returns personal, unique enjoyment in the process.

Some may still claim that the classic car market is on the downturn, but what consequences do we really expect if one considers the number of online auctions taking place and below par cars being offered?

We are still seeing ‘reports’ about auction results coming from the dubious source of armchair experts (well, if you dabble with online auctions, it stands to reason that your best viewpoint would be from a chair). Interestingly, we have only seen a handful of real writers at any physical auction recently, so results may not be that accurate.

July has been yet another busy month with several events being sold out and enjoyed by all bar the poor enthusiasts missing out on the Saturday of Goodwood Festival of Speed, owing to bad weather. What a blow that was, pun not intended, but typical English weather… as Lord March states, “if it proceeds it’s a bonus!”

It was a great pleasure to visit several European dealers to see first-hand how the market is for them; it is always a great insight talking to knowledgeable and enthusiastic, driven people who know exactly what to stock, what sells, and what goes to auction or is exchanged. Those conversations can never take place online…

It is quite refreshing to see the dealer network only stocking period-correct cars, with relevant history and therefore ones which set the market values. Yet we still get told by naïve, uninformed potential buyers that a car is “overpriced” as a similar one may have sold on auction, previously, for far less.

We do feel like saying, “wake up, buyers”.

We are still experiencing difficulties within Europe and regarding UK sales, because of the confusing maze of duties and taxes: many people are totally confused, and we think that even the people who should know are unclear. We trust that it will all fall into place soon.

If you are looking to buy or sell a classic car or want our opinion on importing/exporting; or are you perhaps thinking of that restoration you’ve had in mind for a while?

Please do get in touch or keep in contact. Like all self-respecting experts, we offer unbiased but knowledgeable advice.

Happy motoring.



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