SS 100 2 1/2 Litre Roadster

SS 100 2.5 Litre Roadster

The SS 100 2 1/2 Litre is a classic sports car that was produced by the British automaker SS Cars Ltd., which later became Jaguar Cars. The SS 100 was first introduced in 1936 and remained in production until 1940. It is renowned for its elegant design and impressive performance, making it one of the iconic cars of its era.

Here's a brief overview of the story and history behind the SS 100 2 1/2 Litre:

  1. SS Cars Ltd.: SS Cars Ltd. was founded in 1934 by William Lyons and William Walmsley. The company initially focused on producing stylish and affordable cars, and the SS 1 was their first model. The success of the SS 1 paved the way for the development of the SS 100.
  2. SS 100 Development: The SS 100 was introduced at the 1936 London Motor Show. The design of the car was influenced by the company's earlier SS 90, but the SS 100 featured a larger 2.5-liter engine. The chassis was based on the SS 1 platform, and the bodywork was crafted to embody a sleek and sporty appearance.
  3. Engine and Performance: The SS 100 2 1/2 Litre was powered by a six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.5 liters. It was capable of producing around 100 horsepower, which was impressive for its time. The car could achieve a top speed of approximately 100 mph (hence the "100" in its name), making it one of the fastest production cars of the era.
  4. Body Styles: The SS 100 was offered in various body styles, including roadsters and convertibles. The bodywork featured flowing lines, a distinctive radiator grille, and sweeping fenders, giving the car a timeless and elegant appearance.
  5. Production and Legacy: Production of the SS 100 continued until 1940 when it was halted due to the outbreak of World War II. After the war, the company underwent a transformation and rebranded as Jaguar Cars Ltd. The success and reputation of the SS 100 laid the foundation for Jaguar's future sports cars, including the XK series.
  6. Collectibility: Today, the SS 100 2 1/2 Litre is highly sought after by collectors and automotive enthusiasts. Its combination of classic design, impressive performance, and historical significance contribute to its desirability.

The SS 100 remains an important chapter in the history of British sports cars, and its legacy can be seen in the subsequent models produced by Jaguar, a brand that went on to achieve international acclaim for its high-performance vehicles.

ss 100 2 1/2 litre roadster
ss 100 2 1/2 litre roadster
ss 100 2 1/2 litre roadster

1938 SS 100 Jaguar 2½-Litre Roadster

This Very Low warranted miles and a very original matching numbers car that has not been messed about.

The car has had two family owners prior to being purchased by the current owner and has been laid up for decades resulting in the warranted low mileage of just over 20,000 from new. The car comes with assorted period paperwork including the original instruction manual etc and full paper work to back up the low miles and low ownership. Along with the paperwork is the buff log book and also an old style V5C Registration document.

The car has been fully gone though and is in excellent mechanical condition and runs beautifully. NOT one to miss.

ss 100 2 1/2 litre roadster
ss 100 2 1/2 litre roadster
ss 100 2 1/2 litre roadster