Jaguar XK150 S Roadster

Jaguar XK150S side view

Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Litre Roadster Left Hand Drive

Jaguar XK 150 S 3.4 Drophead
Chassis Number: T931627DN
Engine Number: VS1528-9
Reg Date: 19/11/1958
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This car was delivered new to New York and was the Motor Show car, purchased by the current owner and shipped to Norway where it was totally restored about 15 years ago and is still in very good condition.

Jaguar XK150S Front
Jaguar XK150S Engine
Jaguar XK150S Rear
Jaguar XK150S Interior
Jaguar XK150s Dash
Jaguar XK150s gear lever
Jaguar XK150s Badge
Jaguar XK150S Heritage