Ford GT Spider

Ford GT Spider

The Ford GT presented in 2005 is a very rare model due to its low production, so the few units converted to spider specs are wildly exclusive pieces, as only a small number of them were converted and practically all correspond to copies of the Ford GTX1, a limited edition made by an aftermarket specialist with the approval of Ford itself.

The origin of the project was create a version similar to the original Ford GT40 X1 prototype, one of the few Ford GT40s that did not have a roof. The Ford GT presented in 2002 was manufactured strictly in a closed coupe version, hence the Genaddi Design Group company thought that creating this spider conversion would be a good deal. In principle a production of 600 copies was announced, but the final number of units transformed was around 100, although there are those who assure that it did not really reach the half.

This Ford GT is a particularly special example, being one of very few to have been modified into a spider. Inspired by " GT1X " versions carried out in the US, this extremely well-executed transformation was carried out in Britain. The rear boot has been elegantly modified to conform to the shape of the body. A special fabric hood was designed, attached with three metal hoops, and tested at speeds approaching 160 km/ h. Here is a machine offering the excitement of an outstanding supercar combined with the pleasure of experiencing warm air circulating round the cabin on balmy summer evenings. It has the bonus of a McIntosh audio system that was offered as an option and boasts exceptional sound quality.

This Ford GT Spider was acquired by a big Italian collector of supercars, who used to make regular trips across Europe in a Jaguar XJ220. At the time this Ford, originally red with a white stripe, was painted yellow with a black stripe, a more authentic livery preferred by the owner and reminiscent of certain period GT40s. The owner covered more than 5 000 miles in the car and the odometer stands at around 28 000 km today. It must be noted that the car is registered in the UK as a convertible and has recently been serviced by an Italian specialist.
The Ford GT was created to mark the Ford centenary, in tribute to the GT40, one of the most successful endurance racing machines of its time. Designed by Camilo Pardo, it took on the shape of its predecessor, but with larger dimensions more suited to modern road driving. Following the appearance of the concept car in 2002, a production version was developed and marketed between 2005 -2006. The engine benefitted from the most up-to-date technology featuring a 5. 4-litre aluminium V8 linked to a Lysholm compressor, producing 550 bhp at 6 500 rpm, and mated to a manual Ricardo gearbox. The Ford GT was capable of 0 to 100 km/ h in 3. 2 seconds with a top speed of 340 km/ h, impressive figures that put it at the forefront of the supercar market, both then and now.

A test drive in the example on offer gave us an opportunity to experience how easy and enjoyable it is to drive, with generous torque allowing relaxed driving as well as ample power for committed sporting use. In fact, this Ford GT, presented in superb condition with low mileage, presents a rare versatility, particularly in this spider version that stands out from the production models.

This unit also has a temporary canvas roof.

The unit of red colour with white lines that stars in these images It is a very different model from the aforementioned Ford GTX1

Unlike Genaddi Design Group’s GTX1 edition, this red specimen received its spider transformation in Britain, so the unit with chassis number # IFAFP90S75Y40I202 was one of the few examples of the 2005 Ford GT that were destined for Europe. Its previous owner was a collector who enjoyed his models very much and made constant trips throughout Europe, hence the vehicle has 28,000 kilometers on its marker.