​Children's Race Car 97cc Villiers (BSA Bantam) engine ​

97cc Villiers (BSA Bantam) engine

​Children's Race Car 97cc Villiers (BSA Bantam) engine 

It was made in around 1955 by Jack Buckle, who worked at Westland Aeroparts in Hereford, for his son Derek. Westland Aeroparts as I'm sure you know made bodies for Healey and Lea Francis cars. Derek and I were good friends and used to sit next to each other in the first form of primary school. He subsequently developed a greater interest in motorbikes so his father made one for him, and my father bought the car for me, so I have now owned it for over 60 years!

The body is aluminium on a steel tubular frame, and it has a 97cc Villiers (BSA Bantam) engine which gave it a top speed of somewhere around 35mph if I remember correctly . It has two (or was it three?) forward gears with a foot operated clutch in a conventional three-pedal layout with the brake and accelerator. The suspension is by coil springs and telescopic dampers all round, and fully independent at the front.

Everything on the car is completely original and nothing has been changed or altered since it was made, including the tyres, which will probably no longer pass an MOT! It will also need a new plug lead as the original rubber insulation has perished and disintegrated.