Aston Martin Virage 6.3 Coupe

The Works Demonstrator

J402 MNK (Minky)

The 6.3 litre conversion give the Virage a 40% increase in power, improve braking and handling. The standard Virage engine has been increased from 330BHP to 500BHP, and the torque has also been increased from 350lb/ft to 480 lb/ft.

This has been archived by boring and stroking the standard 5.4 litre V8 to 6.3 litres, reworking and gas-flowing the cylinder head, changing the fuel injection to the Weber/Alpha system and fitting specially manufactured Cosworth pistons., with higher lift camshafts and a high specification crankshaft.

The braking system, which includes ABS, incorporates the larger and ventilated and drilled disc to be fitted to a production motor car in conjunction with the motor racing Group C developed calipers.

Aston Martin Virage 6.3 Coupe

Modifications to the suspension include new road springs and shocker absorber rating with changes to the roll-bar and the wishbone mountings. The 285/45/ZR Goodyear Eagle tyres are on special 18 inc alloy wheels. Bodywork changes include flared wheel arches, a new front spoiler and sill finishers, also a boot spoiler option.

The conversion, which was carried out on owners existing Virages by the Aston Martin Service Division, provides a sub 5.5 second acceleration to 60 mph and reduces the 0 -100 MPH time by 5 seconds - all on lead free petrol.

The Aston Martin Works Demonstrator


January 1992 the new cars sales was in the depths of slow down, so the Aston Martin Service and Restoration department launched the Aston martin Virage 6.3 conversion.

The demonstration vehicle known as Minky was the most published Aston Martin of the era, making the front page of many magizines.

The car when through a number of track days, journalist tours and customer evaluations though its very busy life.

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Aston Martin Virage Coupe 6.3
Aston Martin Virage Coupe 6.3
Aston Martin Virage 6.3