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Classicmobilia E News Issue 83, April 2017

Classicmobilia E’News Issue 83 April 2017

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

The classic car stage continued to perform even though the dealer network seems to be a little down. The big Techno Classica Show was as busy as always, but it was noticed that buyers were not throwing themselves at dealers as it had happened in the past.

The event itself, showed no chinks in the armour as it was as busy as always, with plenty to see and do; as always in a pretty specialist sector, one sees a lot of the usual faces, showcasing varied offers.

We at Classicmobilia predict that next year will be a pivotal point in the industry: with two European events happening at the same time, which one will win the crowds? Or, will they both boast a “full house”?

The auction scene shows similar signs as the classic car world as a whole, with reports of it being a little flat; yet, the auction houses claim buoyant results and are quite upbeat.

For a while now, it has not been surprising to see some not very well prepared cars at auction; of course, it must be very difficult to fill the room with all good cars and buyers alike. The effect of that is that auction houses are more unforgiving on reserve figures and estimated valuations.

Everybody would like to see more quality and less volume; it is important to understand that a car may not sell for a variety of reasons, but that should not affect the marque as a whole. The reasons for a failed sale are not always clear and remember the auctioneer is there to help take your money.

Having seen and witnessed some truly unbelievable motorcars over the past few weeks, inspected a number of outstanding motor cars with memorable restoration work carried out, we are still incredulous as to why the vehicle’s history should be so painfully scarce. A good restoration will help a car fetch so much more, if the appropriate history folder is attached.

The new phenomenon now emerging is that of operators addressing this problem by charging astronomical asking prices to put together a history file (something which ought to come with the car as a rule); however, even when such item is provided, it is mainly made up of articles, features from books, sale brochures and a few lines from a build record. A Heritage certificate will not tell the full story and it takes very knowledgeable people to uncover a great past.

Once the story is told, the car can drive itself out of the door, with glowing reports of its heritage accompanying its journey.

If you need advice or assistance with buying of selling your classic, then do not hesitate to contact us at Classicmobilia.

Happy motoring


+44(0)1908 270672

+44(0)7889 805432

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