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Classicmobilia E News Issue 88, October 2017

Classicmobilia E’News Issue 88 October 2017

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

Like the weather in Europe, the classic car market has witnessed some highs and lows, as of late. Perceptions and experiences being personal to consultants and specialists, one sometimes has to question their own mind when reading about major banks’ reports over alleged “suffering” by the classic car market. It sounds like perhaps a big investor had their fingers burnt: it’s easy to receive the wrong advice, purchase the wrong car and be given erroneous information. It is unfortunate, but possible, and more and more common.

When the buyer has a high profile or the purchase is substantial, it is likely for tabloids to pick it up as ‘news’; soon it will also be in the specialist classic car magazines, and the end result is a range of market trend predictions which verge on the scaremongering.

As for the general scene, not much has changed in the industry over the last few months: events and rallies keep getting sold out and deserving cars are entered into fine events.

A number of auction houses seem to work very hard and get some good results. It is easier, of course, to sell a good car than one which needs pushing. With focus, in the right circumstances and in the correct way, exciting auctions have been carried out by people in the appropriate frame of mind.

As always, negativity, unfortunate incidents and the wrong kind of car will also attract the full wrath of the press.

In the past few years, the classic car market has seen an increase in restorations being undertaken; the welcome result is that small restoration shops look to expand and larger ones just take on more and more.

This brings back memories of the 80s. We just hope we do not see a repetition of history, as small independents suffer when taking too much on and over-committing themselves. This is the crucial point where the market stops serious market analysis and starts to turn to speculation.

As far as Classicmobilia is concerned, with a further two restorations projects to oversee in the coming year, it is becoming more and more difficult to predict timing plans and milestones, so one can fully understand the pressures under which the restoration shops are.

If you are thinking of selling or buying a classic or need some advice on a future restoration or concours-level condition, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy motoring.

+44(0)1908 270672
+44(0)7889 805432

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